Azelle Rodney inquiry: officer shot dead two men in the 1980s

Azelle Rodney - Police 'Hard Stop' 2005
Azelle Rodney – Police ‘Hard Stop’ 2005

source: The Guardian
published: 6 November 2012

The veteran firearms officer who shot and killed Azelle Rodney in April 2005 denied that he was “trigger happy” after it emerged he had shot two men dead in the 1980s and injured two others while on duty.

Amid angry scenes at an inquiry into the death of Rodney the officer, known only as E7, said claims a gun had been planted in Rodney’s car were outrageous. But he accepted that forensic evidence contradicted a key part of his justification for firing shots at a man he killed.

Rodney was struck by six bullets, fired by E7, after a car he was travelling in was forced by police to stop in Edgware, north London. Officers had intelligence that Rodney was part of a gang on its way, possibly armed with automatic weapons, to attack and rip off a rival drugs gang. Weapons were recovered from the vehicle.

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