Azelle’s family wants overhaul of ‘trigger happy’ police

Azelle Rodney's Familysource: The Independent  
published: 18 November 2012

The mother of a suspected gangster shot dead by a police marksman has called for an overhaul of Scotland Yard’s firearms operations at the conclusion of an inquiry into her son’s violent death seven years ago.

Susan Alexander said unanswered questions remained about the operation that left Azelle Rodney dead after being hit by six bullets when his car was intercepted by police trying to stop an armed confrontation with a set of Colombian drug dealers.

The officer who fired the shots, named only as E7, yesterday expressed his “great regret” for the death of the 24-year-old but said that he believed that he had no other option but to open fire to protect the lives of his colleagues, according to a statement.

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