Azelle Rodney death: ‘No justification’ for police shooting

Azelle Rodney Police Stopsource: BBC News
published: 5 July 2013

Police had no lawful justification for shooting dead a man in London eight years ago, a public inquiry has found. Azelle Rodney, 24, was shot six times in Edgware after the car he was in was stopped by Met Police officers in 2005.

An officer known as E7, who said he opened fire because he believed Mr Rodney had picked up a gun, could now face criminal charges. Mr Rodney’s mother, Susan Alexander, has demanded an apology from the Met for his “execution”.

Former High Court judge Sir Christopher Holland has released his findings following the public inquiry into the death. He said E7 “could not rationally have believed” Mr Rodney had picked up a firearm.

Ms Alexander said she believed none of the eight shots fired at her son were “lawfully discharged by the officer concerned”.

“When I gave evidence to the inquiry on September 4 2012, I said that it seemed to me that Azelle was executed,” said Ms Alexander. “The chairman’s report, after detailed study of the evidence, is that he is sure and satisfied he shares my view.”

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