High Court dismisses ‘unarguable’ legal challenge by police shooter

High Courtsource: INQUEST
published: 27 February 2014

Susan Alexander calls for an urgent CPS decision on criminal charges

The High Court has today refused permission for the police shooter of Azelle Rodney, known as E7, to judicially review the ruling of unlawful killing by an inquiry last year.

Helen Shaw, co-director of INQUEST said:

“We welcome this ruling which re-confirms the inquiry’s unequivocal finding that the killing of Azelle Rodney was unlawful. The CPS must now come to a decision regarding a prosecution as a matter of priority – Susan Alexander cannot be expected to endure further delays in a legal process that has already lasted nine years.”

Statement from Daniel Machover, solicitor at Hickman and Rose, on behalf of Azelle Rodney’s mother, Susan Alexander:

Susan Alexander welcomes today’s clear decision by the High Court to reject E7’s legal challenge to the outcome of the Public Inquiry into the untimely and wholly avoidable death on 30 April 2005 of her son, Azelle Rodney.

It is quite clear from the court’s decision that E7’s legal challenge was without merit.

E7’s key challenge as to the finding that he unlawfully opened fire on Azelle Rodney was ruled as being ‘unarguable’ (see para 59), the Court being in ‘no doubt’ that all the related findings by Sir Christopher Holland were neither irrational or perverse (see para 46).

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