Retired Met police officer charged with murder of Azelle Rodney

Azelle Rodney’s Familysource: Channel 4 News
published: 30 July 2014

The Crown Prosecution Statement has just announced it will charge a retired Metropolitan police officer with the murder of Azelle Rodney.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said in a statement:

“We have carefully considered the new file of evidence submitted to us and have decided that a former Metropolitan Police officer, currently identified only as E7, will be prosecuted for murder.”

It’s been a long tough fight for the family of Azelle Rodney to get to today’s unprecedented announcement.

His mother Susan Alexander has been confronted with a seemingly endless series of legal hurdles to try to get to the truth about how and why Azelle Rodney died in a volley of shots during what in police parlance is called a “hard stop” on at a busy junction in North London.

The main obstruction in their quest was the refusal of the authorities for access to police covert material. Last year the family got a public inquiry chaired by a retired Sir Christopher Holland and got to see the secret material.

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