Azelle Rodney murder case: Ex-police marksman bailed

Azelle Rodneyall crediits: BBC News 
published: 10 September 2014

A former police firearms officer who is accused of the murder of Azelle Rodney has been granted bail by a judge at the Old Bailey. Mr Rodney, 24, was travelling in a car that was stopped by police in Edgware, north London, when he was shot six times in April 2005.

Police said they were looking for a group of men they believed were on their way to an armed robbery.

The former police officer was bailed until a further hearing on 3 October. Wednesday marked the first court appearances of the former Metropolitan Police officer, who cannot be named for legal reasons and is known only as E7.

Earlier, he made a brief appearance at Westminster Magistrates Court ahead of the Old Bailey hearing.  He was granted bail by Mr Justice Sweeney on the condition he attend appointments with psychiatrists.

The judge said there were “no grounds, let alone any substantial grounds” not to grant bail.

In July, the Crown Prosecution Service announced it planned to charge the former officer, after reviewing new evidence from a public inquiry into Mr Rodney’s death which ruled there was “no lawful justification” for the shooting.

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