Met police officer fired eight shots at close range, court told

Azelle Rodney - Police 'Hard Stop' 2005
Azelle Rodney – Police ‘Hard Stop’ 2005

source: The Guardian
published: 10 June 2015

A Metropolitan police firearms officer murdered a suspect by firing a rapid volley of eight shots from close range, including two that struck the man in the top of his head, a jury has heard.

Former Metropolitan police marksman Anthony Long, 58, is on trial for the murder of Azelle Rodney in 2005, which he denies. A jury at the Old Bailey in central London heard on Wednesday that Long, now retired from the force, had no lawful reason to open fire.

Long shot dead Rodney, 24, in April 2005 when he was a passenger in a car that police were following, believing its three occupants were planning an armed robbery.

Rodney was killed in Mill Hill, north London, after police forced the car he was travelling in to stop by boxing it in with their unmarked vehicles. Long opened fire as the car he was in came alongside the Volkswagen Golf containing Rodney and the other two suspects.

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