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Susan AlexanderIn the loving memory of Azelle Rodney, a son, brother, nephew, boyfriend,  friend and mentor to all those that came across Azelle at one time or another in his life. Azelle has left behind his two brothers, and his beautiful daughter and a loving ocean of family and friends who care deeply for him (May his soul now rest in peace).

He was killed in Edgware by the Metropolitan Police in April 2005 and his baby girl was born one day before his funeral. It has been such a traumatic time for all those involved and Azelle`s family are challenging the justice system and taking their fight to parliament.

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Retired Met police officer charged with murder of Azelle Rodney

Azelle Rodney’s Familysource: Channel 4 News
published: 30 July 2014

The Crown Prosecution Statement has just announced it will charge a retired Metropolitan police officer with the murder of Azelle Rodney.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said in a statement:

“We have carefully considered the new file of evidence submitted to us and have decided that a former Metropolitan Police officer, currently identified only as E7, will be prosecuted for murder.”

It’s been a long tough fight for the family of Azelle Rodney to get to today’s unprecedented announcement. Continue reading

Officer who shot man six times loses battle for appeal

Families draw strength from eachother
Azelle Rodney family unite with other affected families

source: Voice Online
published: 18 October 2013

The police officer who shot a 24-year-old man six times has been refused the right to appeal a ruling that found there was “no lawful justification” for his actions.

The officer, known only as E7, shot Azelle Rodney as he sat in the back seat of a car, which had been under surveillance for several hours before it was stopped in Edgware, north London in 2005.

E7 told the inquiry he feared the occupants were armed with a sub-machine gun capable of firing more than 1,000 rounds per minute. It was believed the group were on their way to rob a Colombian drugs gang. He alleged that he had seen Rodney moving around and hunching down. Continue reading